Founded in 1984, MESMA Cyprus Ltd. operates as the exclusive marketing consultant in the Middle East & North Africa for leading European brand names in the bathroom sanitary & bathroom furniture industries, the kitchen fittings and the piping technology.

With Headquarters in Beirut, and 4 regional offices (Beirut- Dubai - Nicosia - Riyadh), MESMA functions as an on-the-spot Export Department for the companies represented. It is an accessible and seamless link between the markets of the Near and Middle East and the multinationals of Europe.

Over the years, MESMA has established a solid reputation across the Middle East, enhancing the image and market presence of the companies it represents, confirming them as being of the highest caliber. The services offered by MESMA include:

establishment and administration of agency and sales representation organizations,
establishment and administration of distribution networks,
marketing consultancy in terms of research, entry studies,
strategic concepts and brand-building plans, advertising, promotion and media planning,
lobbying, and trading.
Today, MESMA is a prominent sanitary provider for the markets of the MENA region.